Padonia Station – Batemans in disguise?

17 03 2010

First off, I want you to know that the chain of restaurans in the Baltimore area known as “Batemans” is one of my favorites. I try to make a trip at least once every few weeks for their crab pretzel, wings, and beer. That said, I had an interesting experience the other night at a restaurant that tries really hard to be Batemans – Padonia Station.

The experience was decent, but talk about deja-vu! This place is like a bad immitation of one of my favorite restaurant chains.  The menu is similar, the atmosphere is similar (except for the large amount of Colts memorabilia – im sure that went over well during the last NFL season…), and everything else just smacked of Batemans. Right down to the crab pretzel and the wings.

The food wasn’t terrible, but it really felt like a prototype, wanna-be Batemans. The crab pretzel didn’t have that magical touch of old bay and scallions. The wings were decent, but not the best. The bar area was darkly lit and sparsely filled, reminding me of a party that died off a long time ago. The spattering of middle aged men in jean vests didn’t help any either.

Have you ever been to Padonia station?  How was it for you?




One response

20 03 2010

“Have you ever been to Padonia station? How was it for you?”

The answer is: terrible. I went there for a Ravens game during the winter and the halftime show consisted of the local gentleman’s club “staff” coming down & putting on a performance…without teeth. It didn’t make matters any better that the white trash, middle-aged men, that are probably listed on the local sex-offender website, were getting pictures with them like they’d never received attention from a female before in their lives.

Padonia Station also has a lot of rooms. There’s a surprise around every corner, yet every single one of them sucks.

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