It’s the McBistro!

24 03 2010

I stopped by McDonalds yesterday, a place I usually try to avoid.  As much as I enjoy fast food, I rarely have a good experience at McDonalds. It seems like every fast food chain has something special… except ol’ Mickey D’s. Arby’s has their roast beef, Burger King has their huge burgers, Wendy’s has their never-frozen burgers. McDonalds….has…..the Big Mac?

Anyway, I found out that Baltimore is only one of three test markets for a new product from McDonalds.

Enter – the McBistro –

Don’t get too excited, it never looks as good as the picture.  Basically, the big gimmick here is choice…. imagine that. You, the customer, are able to choose whether you would like your McBistro with grilled or crispy chicken, what sauce (barbeque, honey mustard, or ranch), and whether you would like bacon for an additional fee. Burger King has been “having it your way” for years and McDonalds just now caught on to the idea? Here is how the conversation started in the McDonalds board room –

McExecutive – “Hey, lets allow our customers to decide what sauce they want on their chicken sandwich! And if they want bacon! Genius! Instead of offering a grilled and a crispy chicken sandwich, or any of these ‘club’ sandwiches, lets do the McBistro! We can take a stab at Starbucks in the process too, even though it has nothing to do with a ‘bistro’!”

Trust me, that’s what he said, I was there… and that’s his real name too. Anyway, this sandwich is decent, but its nothing new. If you have ever had a crispy or grilled chicken sandwich at McDonalds, the McBistro is nothing new. Its a hulking chicken sandwich, drenched in ranch or whatever, with a ton of greasy fries (that apparently never decompose!). Top it off with a huge sweet tea, and you are guaranteed to sugar crash in about 45 minutes. From a marketing perspective, the McBistro kind of makes sense… All the people on diets can order the McBistro grilled with honey mustard, and those less scrupulous can get it fried and covered in ranch. Its still a “McBistro” either way. With a large McBistro meal coming up to the min 7-dollar range, I will stick to my dollar menu McChickens.




One response

26 03 2010

Looks yummy, but $7 for a meal @ McDonalds….I would never pay that much!

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