Della Rose’s Tavern

29 03 2010

I recently signed up for the Baltimore Sports & Social Club (BSCC) spring kickball league. After our game is over each Saturday,  everyone usually heads over to the sponsor bar, Della Rose’s Tavern. This restaurant is located in the First Mariner Arena building in Canton. Della’s serves standard American fare, such as burgers, wings, pasta, and chicken. The food is generally of good quality, and moderately priced. One word of caution though – stay away from this place during the day on the weekends. About 300 loud sports players descend on this place to play drinking games.

That said, I wanted to bring you a quick review of one of the more Maryland-centric creations that Della’s offers – the Eastern Shore Club. Here is the description, taken right off the menu –

Yummmm. Its not often that you can get chicken and crab on the same sandwich.  I looked at the ingredients and thought, “well, I like everything there, I wonder how it would taste?” I thought the same thing a while back when I ordered BBQ pasta with ranch dressing subbing in for the traditional marinara sauce. While each ingredient may taste great separately, combining them can have disastrous results. Another example that comes to mind is whenever a pizza chain such as Papa Johns or Dominos offers a BBQ pizza. I like barbecue, and I like pizza, but I do not like barbecue pizza. Never substitute marinara sauce with BBQ sauce!

Back on topic – the Eastern Shore club. The myriad of flavors from the chicken, crab, lettuce, tomato, and bacon can be a little much to handle at once. I did like how the chicken added a nice texture and “heft” to the crab. I never liked pure-crab sandwiches because the texture of the crab can become mushy and saturated with the surrounding bread. Crab is meant to be eaten out of the crab, or in a broiled crab cake, in my opinion. The bacon went well on all fronts, completing a mini-BLT on top of the sandwich. Overall, the Eastern Shore Club was a lot to handle, but I was satisfied with the experience. As a side note, the Old Bay fries that are included with the club are amazing. They are crispy, golden, and lightly dusted with Old Bay seasoning, which complements the sandwich well. It would be great to have a meal like this available with a tall glass of lemonade while watching the ships glide over the Chesapeake.

Have you every been to Della’s? If so, what would you recommend I get next time?




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