Chipotle Vs Qdoba

20 04 2010

Clash of the Titans!

Chipotle and Qdoba – two Mexican fast food giants with very similar offerings and very divided fan-bases. It seems like everyone I talk to prefers one to the other. In case you are not familiar, both restaurants serve made to order burritos and tacos in a similar fashion to the preparation of subs at Subway. You make your way up the counter, tell them what meat you want, the cheese, salsa, toppings, and so on. It is a convenient and efficient business model that allows the customer to get exactly what they want, fast.  I will compare the pros and cons of both places, let you know my favorite, and then leave it open for you to discuss! Remember that this is just my humble opinion here…



  • Fresher meats overall
  • Better tasting steak
  • Peppers and onions are more crisp and less chunky
  • Cilantro rice beats Qdoba’s rice hands down
  • Burrito’s are larger than Qdoba’s on average


  • No queso
  • Not as much variety in the menu
  • No super-hot salsas
  • Hard to find healthy menu options



  • More menu variety (tortilla soup, nachos, quesadillas)
  • Queso
  • More salsas to choose from
  • Better guacamole


  • Meats are usually not as fresh
  • Rice is bland
  • Beans are watery

Both places have the disadvantage of gouging you for ordering chips, salsa, and a drink to your order (usually putting it over 10 dollars). So which is the better choice?

Chipotle. I value the superior ingredients that Chipotle uses over the menu variety that Qdoba offers. The steak, chicken, barbacoa, and carnitas at Chipotle are grilled and seasoned throughout the day to be sizzling and hot when added to your burrito. Also, Chipotle’s rice is amazing – it is sticky, soft, and has a lime-cilantro kick, complimenting the meat and cooling your mouth with each bite. Unfortunately, if you are looking for a plate of nachos or a quesadilla, your only option is Qdoba (or Taco Bell). Chipotle is like the Google of fast food – they present a simple front, and they are good at what they do. The burger chain around here known as “Five Guys” follows a similar business model – only offer a few items, but make them quality.

There is my take on this prize-fight. Which of the two do you prefer? Is there a place you know of  that is better than both? My posting ability will be in question for the rest of this week – so leave a comment and lets discuss!




2 responses

21 04 2010

It’s got to be Chipotle. The quality of the ingredients and amazing rice make it the best. I recently went to a California Tortilla, which is similar to both places (better than Qdoba, but not as good as Chipotle). The major difference with California Tortilla is that their main burrito emphasis is on specialty “Signature Burritos” like the Havana Chicken Burrito or California Screamin’ Burrito that have certain ingredients. It’s a diverse menu that has a lot of tasty options, but it can be hit or miss. Another reason that Chipotle’s consistency makes it the best burrito place.

21 04 2010

QDOBA- How can you deny the Queso?!?!?!

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