Taco Bell $2 Meal Deals

18 05 2010

Another month, another Taco Bell special to talk about. Unfortunately, this one is even more disappointing than last month’s Tortadas. In a marriage made in hell, Taco Bell has began including Doritos in four new $2 meal deals.

Oh the humanity!

I knew it was bound to happen some day. Taco Bell is already famous for serving faux-Mexican food. Why not pair it with the most Americanized, fried, fake tortilla chips money can buy?  I don’t know about you, but I don’t find the pairing of Doritos and Taco Bell food to be appetizing. In the very least, I would have preferred the chips and nacho cheese that Taco Bell already offers, or maybe some beans and rice. Anything but Doritos. I don’t even need to go to Taco Bell and try this new deal. I already know what it will taste like.

There are four meals to choose from –

  1. 1/2 lb. Cheesy Beefy Burrito
  2. Gordita Supreme
  3. Chicken Burrito
  4. Double Decker Taco

The choices are all decent value menu options (I will pass on the Double Decker Taco). Ordering the Gordita Supreme will provide the most bang for your buck, and it would be my top choice if I were forced to order one.

I have to admit though, for $2, a 1/2 lb. cheesy beefy burrito with a bag of Doritos and a soda will make you full. It is nothing I would want to be “full” of, however. These meals are a nutritional nightmare. Even my fast food-iron stomach would have trouble. Can you imagine going to the gym afterward and keeping it down? I do not want to find out.

If you are really hungry, love Doritos, and only have a couple bucks to spend, Taco Bell’s new $2 meal deals might be right up your alley. I am still not comfortable with Taco Bell selling Doritos though. Next we will have McDonalds selling Lays potato chips. Then…the apocalypse!

What do you think of Taco Bell’s latest promotion? Post a comment!




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