Red Robin Cupcakes

28 05 2010

Red Robin is a sit-down restaurant chain that specializes in gourmet burgers. There are a few Red Robins in the Baltimore area, and I try to make a trip to one every month or so. The burgers are fries are always high quality, and the service has always been good.

The Red Robin in my area recently introduced a regional special that seems to have flown in under the radar. New specials are typically represented on paper cubes that are placed on each table.

No, not this cube.

Each side of the Red Robin cube has a different special. The latest cube showcased a new “Cuban Burger”, some rice bowl with fish in it that looked gross, and a new salad. Sticking out of the top of the cube was a new dessert item – cupcakes.

Now you are probably thinking, “Cupcakes? Big deal…”, which is what I thought at first. You have them at birthdays, an eight year old can make them at home… old news right? Wrong. Red Robin totally made me believe in cupcakes again after one taste.

There are three Red Robin cupcakes – Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry Lemonade. They are all small to average size, and sell for two dollars each. The chocolate cupcake is chocolate cake, with chocolate frosting and a chocolate wafer on top. The vanilla is the same, but with vanilla. The strawberry lemonade cupcake has a lemon flecked cake with strawberry icing and a vanilla wafer on top. I was hoping for a lemon wafer but what can you do?

The chocolate cupcake was downright delicious. The cake was incredibly rich and moist, and the icing was soft and creamy. I have never had a better cupcake in my life.

Why don’t more conventional sit-down restaurants serve cupcakes? After a big meal, I never have room for a gigantic slab of cake or a huge brownie covered in ice cream. A cupcake is cheap, delicious, and satisfies that after dinner sweet tooth craving. Other restaurants, like T.G.I. Fridays and Applebees, are serving “dessert shots”, which are little cups with chocolate mousse or similar. After a 2,000 calorie meal, dessert should be something modest like this.

Red Robin’s cupcakes are a diamond in the rough – if you have a chance to try them, go for it!




4 responses

31 05 2010

Do they have unlimited refills on the cupcakes like they do with the fries?????

22 06 2010

That’s a great question!!

22 06 2010

What???? I never heard about those cupcakes here in Cali!! They have some new chicken sandwiches, but other than that I haven’t head of anything else.

23 06 2010

It must be regional test market thing. A Red Robin in Pennsylvania didn’t have them either.

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