Thrasher’s Fries

29 06 2010

Its been awhile since my last post here on JCR – but I have been busy trying all new restaurants and other culinary experiences, and now I have plenty of material to share!

I recently came back from a vacation to Ocean City, MD. I ate at many different restaurants, some new and some familiar. When you think of the boardwalk in Ocean City, and you smell french fries, there is only one place to go…


These fries are beautiful works of art in fried potato form. Thrasher’s is a famous site on the boardwalk, known far and wide for their amazing french fries. The company itself knows what they make is good, because they only offer three items on the menu – fries, soda, and water. The fries aren’t cheap either – expect to pay up to $9.00 for a large order (medium pictured above, the large is like a bucket). If you ever plan on visiting Ocean City, the price is well worth it for some of the best french fries you will ever taste.

Thrasher’s fries are meant to be eaten with two toppings – extra salt, and plenty of vinegar.  The combination of these ingredients with the natural flavor of the peanut oil results in a crave-able, salty, rich, and bitter taste that makes you want to reach for more with every bite. When biting into each french fry, I first noticed the saltiness, quickly followed by the warm, nutty french fry flavor, finished with a lingering bite from the apple cider vinegar. After doing some research, I found out that locals prefer to eat the fries in a flat box instead of a bucket, to more evenly distribute the salt and vinegar. Ketchup is completely out of the question with these fries – Thrasher’s frowns upon it and does not offer any in the belief that it ruins the natural flavor of the fries. I completely agree.

If anyone out there is planning a trip to Maryland or Ocean City – give Thrasher’s a try for some of the best fries you will ever taste. More Ocean City culinary adventures soon to follow!


Reese’s Dark Cups

2 06 2010

I visited Hershey Park over the weekend with some friends and caught chocolate fever. After taking a ride through “Chocolate World”, I bought a ton of Hershey candy in the huge gift shop. Given the occasion, it seemed like a great time to post the first candy review on JCR.

Reese’s Dark Cup

Reese’s cups have always been one of my favorite candies. I also prefer dark chocolate to milk chocolate, which makes Reese’s Dark Cups a natural selection for me. Hershey’s chocolate is mass produced and not of the highest quality, but it is cheap and accessible. If you read this blog for just a minute or two, with all the value menus and fast food joints, you will know how much I value “cheap and accessible”.

After biting into this cup, I immediately noticed that the chocolate is more soft and chewy than Reese’s milk chocolate cup. I was hoping for a more solid and brittle texture. Nevertheless, the dark chocolate is very rich and buttery, slowly melting in your mouth if you manage to not swallow each morsel right away. This is a very rich candy – I could not handle more than two cups at a time.

One word of advice to those who want to try the Dark Cups – try putting them in the fridge first. They taste better cold, have a slightly firmer texture, and they don’t melt all over your hands.

Reese’s Dark Cups were good, but the low quality dark chocolate used here makes them inferior to the classic taste of the milk chocolate cup. Keep an eye out for more candy reviews coming soon!