26 07 2010

Here comes another candy review from our favorite guest blogger – Phil. The “Zero” bar is an older candy bar that has become a rarity today. If you happen to find one, is it worth a purchase?

Phil: This is one of those old candy bars that’s sort of hard to find, so it’s one of the few unique candy options Hershey’s carries at Chocolate World. Apparently Zero is not an original Hershey product, but rather one of the candies it absorbed when it bought some Finnish candy company in 1996. The bar has been around since 1920 and was created in Minnesota so you know it has a cult granny following. Unfortunately it’s not named Zero because it has no calories (duh), but because it’s supposed to be awesomely cool, like zero degrees cool, dude. So I cut my candy bar down the middle and tried it at room temperature and frozen for comparison purposes.

Zero Ingredients: White fudge outer layer, base of dark brown nougat with a few crushed peanut/almond pieces mixed in, layer of caramel over nougat

Room Temperature: Well I think this might be the first candy bar that I would rather have as a one of those fun size versions that you get at Halloween rather than full size. This sucker is sweet and rich. I ate half of a King Size (so a little smaller than a regular sized bar) and I was more than ok with not eating the full King Size bar. If it were a Fast Break, Take5, Butterfinger, or Milky Way you would have to get that angry lady from The Biggest Loser to force it out of my mouth. The best layer of the candy bar was probably the caramel (think caramel similar to Milky Way). The nougat wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t Three Musketeers or Milky Way good. I did like the peanut/almond pieces in the nougat. I never had that before in a candy bar and it provided a nice texture contrast. The white fudge is really the defining feature of the candy bar, and I wasn’t a fan of it. Instead of the chocolate being a nice semi-bitter compliment to the nougat/nuts/caramel, you get an all-around punch of sweet. Also, the white fudge is really soft and flaky so when you bite into the bar the caramel is really the only resistance. I didn’t really like that or the taste of the white fudge. It was just too darn sweet.

Frozen: I never eat frozen candy bars, so I stupidly bit into the bar once I took it out of the freezer. Ouch. After I let my teeth recover and the candy bar warm up for a minute I gave it another go. Definitely better frozen, because much of the sugar overload is taken away due to the temperature of the bar. The nougat and caramel stand out more when the bar is cold. After I finished though, I still felt like I just ate a giant stick of sugar.

Overall I think this is definitely a unique candy bar that you should try once if you are a candy lover. Definitely try it frozen, it’s actually better. The best thing it has going for it is the Zero aesthetic. It just looks fantastic, the retro packaging and the snow white bar itself. The metallic silver wrapper stands out amongst the brown, black, orange and yellow packages of most candy bars. It grabs your attention and once you read the ingredients it stands out even more. The adventurous will try it, the rest won’t. That’s probably a good thing since I don’t think this candy bar appeals to everyone, only those with a super sweet tooth. It’s a little too sweet for me, but give it a try if you see it in the grocery store check out line. Just don’t get the King Size…

Jamie: I never really was a fan of “white” chocolate. It tastes bad and it piggybacks on chocolate’s good name. This might be a good candy bar for those who avoid chocolate, but if you avoid chocolate you should probably avoid this too…

I will be posting another review this week, stay tuned.




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