The Embers

3 08 2010

I am way behind on posting lately, but I have a ton of reviews lined up, all complete with photos. It seems like the summer months are just flying by, and I want to get in one more Ocean City review for anyone that is still planning a trip out there. This restaurant is perhaps the best buffet you will find in the area, and there are tons to choose from.

The Embers

The Embers Restaurant is conveniently located just off the coastal highway in OC. It has an attached mini-golf course and a large logo with a fish on it. As I walked inside, I first noticed the grand ceilings and marble floors in the lobby. The place is very large, seating several hundred people with ease. Usually this would be a red flag – large buffets that seat hundreds of people usually take a hit with the food quality. The old rule about buffets – “Quality over quantity”, still applies here, but the quality is high enough that the Embers shines amongst it’s buffet peers. After sitting down at the table, I ordered one of the restaurant’s famous “Tiffany” drinks to share, seen below.

Gloriously fruity. Ordering one of these drinks is a great start to a great meal if you are there with friends. There are blended and iced drinks in a variety of flavors. The Tiffany drinks start at $15, but they are huge, so you can easily split one with four people.

Now, on to the food. The Embers serves everything under the sun. The buffet stretches three long aisles, each about 50 feet in length. There you will find every kind of seafood, chicken, beef, pork, sausage, pasta, pizza, etc. All that stuff is filler though. There is one big reason to go to the Embers. Crab Legs!


The Embers serves giant clusters of glistening, hot crab legs with warm butter to dip them in. They don’t skimp on anything either, proudly serving you 2+ clusters every time you make a trip up to the buffet. They wont stop putting them on your plate until you take it away. These crab legs are very fresh, which is actually a side effect of maintaining such a large restaurant. With hundreds of hungry patrons wanting crab legs, The Embers churns out fresh batches of them every minute, right out of the steamer and on to your plate. If you are a crab lover, don’t miss out on this opportunity while vacationing in OC.

Have you been to one of the other buffets in OC? Do you have a favorite restaurant there? Let me know and post a comment!




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