Fractured Prune

12 08 2010

Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme may be the kings of fried, ring-shaped dough, but I found a donut shop that can give them a run for their money. It is known as the “Fractured Prune”, and the company has a few locations scattered around Maryland. The restaurant specialzies in gourmet donuts that are made to order, but they also serve the usual breakfast fare as well.

You know how when you go to most pizza places, you can order a pizza with any kind of crust, cheese, sauce, and toppings? If you go to a Fractured Prune, you can do that with donuts. They have tons of premade selections to choose from, but you can ask them to make anything your heart desires. Start out by choosing what kind of cake for the donut, if you want it dipped in chocolate or another sauce, and then any toppings such as marhmallows, chocolate chips, coconut, fruit, etc.. I decided on a chocolate mocha donut –

Ok so maybe it wasn’t the best shot. It slid a little bit.

It was basically a chocolate donut, dipped in a chocolate-mocha sauce, and then covered in oreo crumbles, and it was delicious. The best part of this donut is the hot chocolate coating, which makes the whole donut warm and moist. Since every donut is made to order, you won’t leave with a room temperature or cold donut that has been sitting on a rack. The price is a bit higher to compensate for this, but you end up with a superior product. I would prefer Dunkin Donuts for buying a dozen, but if all I want is a single warm donut/chocolate fix, the Fractured Prune delivers. If you are not a chocolate fan, they still have tons of toppings to choose from as well.

Gourmet cupcakes are good, but gourmet donuts are even better! More restaurants should offer them. Could you imagine a warm donut with a scoop of gourmet ice cream on top? They fit together so well; it was meant to be. Many restaurants make brownie sundaes, but I want to see more donut sundaes.

Fractured Prune gets a thumbs up from me. If you see one, stop in and make your own donut.




2 responses

13 08 2010

Can’t say I’m a fan of the name. Did you get the story behind “Fractured Prune” when you went?

That donut looks pretty tasty, where is the place? I need to go.

P.S. – Finally, some new posts on JCR!

23 08 2010
Angela Channing

The history of the name is kind of funny and can be found here:

They have a location in Parkville, on Harford Road a block south of Putty Hill.

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